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I’ve been feeling unwell today, left work before lunch and have been in bed since that. I still wanted to do a post about my sale finds from the past few weeks, and I’m very pleased with my finds. Some of this stuff I have been eyeing for AGES, but since I try not to spend so much (erm, still shopping all the time.. I do have a slight problem, haha) I have resisted buying them in full price and taking the risk that they never go on sale. Some of these you have seen in my earlier posts, but I still wanted to include them in this post, since they are awesome sale finds ;). If you want to check them out and purchase your own, the images are links to the products.

Dorothy Perkins

Stone Bow Print Cardigan, £15 (was £28) – and got extra 25% off, so paid £11.25

New Look

Inspire Stripe Skater Dress, £11 (was £26.99) – out of stock already

Inspire Swallow Print Dress, £12 (was £24.99) – out of stock already

Inspire High Waisted Coloured Skinny Jean in coral (also available in green), £13 (was £26.99)

Inspire Floral Body Con Dress, £8 (was £19.99)

Inspire Leopard Print Mini Skirt, £7 (was £17.99)

Tie Front Tee, £5 (was £12.99)


Curve Ovoid Coat In Black And Orange Check, £36 (was £100)

Curve Exclusive Party Playsuit With Lace, £16 (was £40)

Simply Be

Button Front Denim Skirt, £9 (was £30) – and got extra 10% off, so paid £8.10

One Stop Plus

Satin Blouse, £5.20 (was £13) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £4.42

Bolero, £6.45 (was £11) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £5.61

Openwork Knit Leggings, £3.30 (was £11) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £2.80

Leather Look Leggings, £11 (was £35) – and got extra 15% off, so paid £9.35

I also got ALL of these with free delivery, so no money wasted on that either ;). Completely amazing, eh?

OK, let’s do some maths. IF I would have bought these in normal price (and I seriously did eye most of these before, like the amazing Inspire swallow dress), the total would be a whopping £397.94 and now I paid £119.25!!! Sometimes waiting does pay off – although it is a risk that you will miss something you really want – and yes, I am really happy! (Here’s hoping that everything fits me when they arrive.. haha.)

So what do you think of my haul readers? And have you made great sale finds lately?


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