Plus North – part 2

Here comes the second part of my Plus North-posts. In case you missed the previous one, click here. This post is about the Simply Be catwalk show, and is mostly pictures.

I have always been scared of stages, microphones (well those I still am), and being the centre of attention. Blogging has helped me to overcome those fears a bit, but volunteering to model for Simply Be was BY FAR the bravest thing I have ever done in that area. I was so scared before walking the catwalk, my heart was racing and I wanted to run away… but thankfully I didn’t! I actually loved the experience, even though I walked in a wobbly way, didn’t hear a word that the lovely Charlotte from SB said about me to the microphone..etc. I have a feeling that I’d love to learn more and do it again if I ever get the opportunity :).

Modeling the Bespoke Little Black Dress in size 22 (photo courtesy of Simply Be)

Modeling the Arlene Phillips Floral Print Satin Slip in size 44E (photo courtesy of Mhairi of Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps)

Me with some of my lovely co-models l-r: Janie, Anita, Lolly, Danielle, Cynthia, Abbi and Kathryn (photo courtesy of Mhairi of Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps)

After the show, wearing the Bespoke Little Black Dress in size 22 (photo courtesy of Simply Be)

All of us models after the show with our goodie bags (photo courtesy of Simply Be)

I loved the dress and slip that I wore, and I was ecstatic when we heard that we can keep the items we modeled as a thank you from Simply Be. I can’t wait to wear the dress out.. I need a drinks date sooooooooon :)!

I want to thank Simply Be one more time for this wonderful opportunity, and for having such a lovely team present at Plus North. You guys were a delight :)!

  1. Olivia said:

    OMG HANNA!!!! YOU ROCK!!!! You are so amazingly inspiring!!!! I love you so much Hanna- you look amazing on stage!!

    • Hanna said:

      Aaaaaaa!! Thank you!!! I feel the same way about you, you inspire me! Love you tooooo!!! xx

  2. i think you should buy that little black dress you look awesome and sexy in it

    • Hanna said:

      Thank you! …and read the post babe ;) xx

    • Hanna said:

      Hahah ;D! So yeah, I have this amazing dress in my wardrobe now! x

  3. Linz M said:

    You look amazing! I second Olivia, totally inspiring :) x

    • Hanna said:

      Awwh you ladies make me blush :). Thank you! xx


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