Fatshion Faceoff: Shorts

Week has gone again and it’s Wednesday, which means… Fatshion Faceoff!! Fatshion Faceoff is a weekly challenge that I do with 5 other fatshion bloggers from around the world, in the challenge we choose a similar item of clothing and we all style it in our own way. This week’s challenge was chosen by me, and I chose shorts. I got these cute shorts from New Look sale, they actually had a rip on them and all, so I paid only £6 for them.. and they were easily fixed with some DIY :). I’ve had them for a month or so, but haven’t worn them yet, so I really wanted to challenge myself with this look.. and well, with wearing shorts altogether, can’t remember when I did that the last time.

I have never worn this kind of badass look, and to be honest I quite like it :D. I teamed the shorts with a black tank top, sporty heels, my new sunnies, Domino Dollhouse biker jacket and red lippy, of course. I look silly with the sunnies inside, but hey, don’t hold it against me, I’m just cool like that ;). Haha.

Shorts: 24, New Look Inspire (similar) ⎮ Jacket: 20, Domino Dollhouse ⎮ Tank top: 18, Primark (similar) ⎮ Shoes: 7, Primark (similar) ⎮ Sunnies: Oliver Bonas

So, can I pull off the badass look? I hope so, haha. Now go and see how the other Fatshion Faceoff ladies wore their shorts!
Dani: DIY Fatshion
Mhairi: Lilybobombs Lovely Lumps
Molly: Molly Pocket
Mouna: Brussels Fatshion
Olivia: Wait Until The Sunset

  1. OMG, you look freaking FANTASTIC! I love how the dots on the shorts coordinate with the dots on your jacket cuffs, and the whole look has a cool edgy vibe without being too much. :) And I’m proud of you for picking shorts for our challenge this week, I know how brave that was of you! <3


    • Hanna said:

      Thank you babe :)!! (Btw check the sunnies-link.. They have dots too, lol) And yeah, I feel proud too!!! x

  2. Oh Hanna, you’ve outshone any of your previous outfits with this beauty and thats saying something! I cannot tell you how much I love and adore this look….its bad-ass whilst having the odd matching touch. And shorts are total win in my book….all of us fabulous fat babes should get our sexy pins out!

    When I grow up I want to look kick-ass like you ;p

    • Hanna said:

      I LOVE YOU SARA!!!! It really does mean a lot to read a comment like this <3. Can't wait to see you at Plus North and kick some ass together :D!!! xx

      • glad to oblige and looking forward to kicking ass with you both in my own hometown and at plus north!

      • Hanna said:

        Yeaaaaaaaasss :D!!

  3. Oh my sweet lord, you look hot as hell miss hanna! I love these shorts. X x x

    • Hanna said:

      Thank you so much lady :) xx

  4. Sian said:

    You look fantastic <3 x

  5. Olivia said:

    You are looking so fabulous and confident Hanna! And I love the attitude ;) xx

    • Hanna said:

      Thank you Olivia!!! :) xx

  6. I was thinking the same thing as O. You look so confident ready to rock and roll the world.
    I do love the first picture. Only schwarzenegger and a big bike are missing to make it complete!!
    Awesome girl!!

    • Hanna said:

      Thank you Mouna :)!!! And hahhahaha at Arnold and bike :D!! That would be insane :D! xx

  7. I love your shorts! I saw a pair of polka dot ones pretty similar at Target, but they looked terrible on me. They only went up to XXL and because it’s not “plus size,” the XXLs are hit or miss on sizing for me. D: I’d like to get a similar pair eventually! I think I’m going to make my first order to New Look next week. :3

    • Hanna said:

      Thanks Molly :)! New Look site doesn’t have them anymore :/.. but H&M has similar ones with smaller polka dots (my similar-link). But in any case you should do a NL order, they have awesome stuff! xx

  8. Olivia said:

    OMG I thought the fashion is all about how to show the nice parts and hide the bad ones, need to say that flashing with ur legs wasn’t a very good idea, and I am not being mean, u have very pretty face and boobs and lovely skin and you look v nice on the other pic, but shorts shocked me, just wanted to say that. Thanks.

    • Hanna said:

      Well thank you for your opinion, which you’re entitled to have. Fashion to me is about wearing what makes you feel good and challenging yourself and taking risks. That’s what shorts are to me, a challenge to my own body acceptance, and I think I look alright. That’s the main thing to me you see, accepting my wobbly thighs as what they are and embracing them. If it’s hot outside I don’t want to walk around in leggings just because other people might think my thighs are ugly. It’s their problem, not mine! :)

  9. rachel said:

    omg those shorts are amazing you are rocking them big time xx


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