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New Look 7 Days 7 Dresses competition!

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I saw this post by Fashion Champagne about her & New Look‘s AMAZING dress giveaway and immediately wanted to enter. I do realise that she has linked only to regular size dresses, but I’m taking a leap of faith and hoping that Inspire is included in this as well. New Look has done a lot of good concerning their Inspire range (my thoughts and thank you’s are after the images), so I hope that means that my entry will be included in this giveaway too :). Either way, I have loved doing this post even though (and maybe because) this has been the most time consuming of my posts ever.

First of all I chose the dresses I wanted to wear the most (wasn’t an easy choice, since New Look really has amazing stuff at the moment). Then I took photos of myself in my underwear wearing the accessories I wanted for each dress. After that I photoshopped the dresses on me, and after that I cut myself out of the pics and photoshopped myself in a place where I’d like to wear the dress. I think I did quite alright, thinking that I only had my laptop and the touchpad as a mouse ;). Oh, and no high-res images of the dresses.

So, here’s my week of New Look dresses:

Koko Blue Contrast Mullet Hem Dress

Ruby’s Closet Multi Print Bodycon Dress

Inspire Navy Floral Print Dress

Inspire Black Asymmetric Dress

Inspire Black Lace Back Sleeveless Dress

Inspire Navy Stripe Maxi Dress

Inspire Navy Lace Dress

These 7 dresses are just my favourites of all great things that New Look has to offer for us plus size girls. In my opinion New Look Inspire is the best plus size range available at the moment. They are offering us items that we want: bright colours, bodycon dresses and skirts, pretty lace dresses, crazy patterned leggings, boobtubes, miniskirts, skinny jeans, coloured jeans, etc. The Inspire range give us items to feel good and be sexy and pretty in, NOT black sacks to hide in. That’s what we have wanted for quite a while. I also love the fact that New Look has finally added Inspire to their main navigation on their site, and it’s no longer hidden somewhere in the subnavigation. So thank you New Look for taking Inspire next step further and embracing the range and your plus sized customers.

So my readers, if you’re not familiar with New Look’s Inspire range yet, or if you haven’t checked out their new collection, please see this video and also go to the site and see the collection for yourself. It has truly amazing stuff in it!

Dress images are taken from the New Look site, and the background images are from: &

  1. antia says: June 25, 2012 8:03 PM

    wow great job! i love all of the outfits, they fit the occasions really well! New look really have super cute stuff :)


    • Hanna says: June 25, 2012 11:58 PM

      Thank you Anita :) xx

  2. Katha Strophe says: June 26, 2012 9:23 PM

    Wow, you did such an amazing job!
    I love the outfits, you picked some really fantastic dresses.

    I hope you win! :)

    • Hanna says: June 26, 2012 9:58 PM

      Thank you lovely :). This comment means a lot to me! xx

  3. Diba says: July 17, 2012 6:27 AM

    Love the Tuesday dress! Great print!

    • Hanna says: July 17, 2012 6:58 AM

      Thanks! Yeah, me too.. I wish I would have won.. *sigh*


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