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Plus North – part 1

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Like most of you might know, I traveled to Leeds yesterday for a day of awesome plus size fashion and friends.. PLUS NORTH! I had a long but amazing day, and can’t wait to share it with you!

I took my train to Leeds at 9am from London’s King’s Cross and got my first nice surprise less than half an hour from leaving. I saw Mhairi‘s tweet that she’s boarding her train, AND I happened to be at that station then. …My usually not so bright mind put it together that we must be on the same train, and indeed she was! I went to see her in first class (how posh, right? haha just kidding) and ended up staying there the whole way. They never asked for my ticket! ;D

Mhairi & me on the train (from my Instagram)

When we got to Leeds first we had a panic that I had lost my ticket, which Mhairi did find ;). Then we were a bit lost, and it took us a while to find the venue, stupid GPS (and it was like 2 minute walk from the station, haha). The venue was BEAUTIFUL, and immediately I could see all the hard work that Becky & Toni had done to bring this amazing event to us.

The beautiful organizers Toni & Becky (image courtesy of Janie)

Since I had volunteered to be one of the models (eeeeeeeeek!) for the Simply Be catwalk, I had to rush to meet the lovely Charlotte and try on my wardrobe. I loved the dresses I had to choose from, all of them fit perfectly, and I could have easily modeled them all (why didn’t I?!?). I also had two pieces of underwear to choose from, and the other one was sadly a bit too small for me. So I ended up modeling this dress and this slip. Before the show I chatted with some lovely ladies, like Caroline, Cynthia and Kathryn. I also got my make up done by Benefit, and well, let’s just say that I had to do some alterations after that.. (ahem, eyebrows..)

The super lovely ladies Mhairi & Caroline :)

The catwalk show itself was an amazing experience. I was SO nervous, but some other ladies did feel the nerves as well, like Rosie, so I wasn’t alone. We all did AMAZING though, and the show was a success. I really want to thank Simply Be for giving us this opportunity, it was truly wonderful :). I will write a new post about the catwalk when I get my hands on some better pictures of me ‘werking it’ ;), but this video by Sarah gives a view of how it was (although in my case the first watch of the ‘side view’ of me was a bit scary, haha).

Some of us models at the end of the catwalk show – l-r. Janie, Anita, me, Kathryn (from my Instagram, taken by Caroline – thank youuuu)

After the catwalk show I went to see the brands that were representing at the event, said Hi to the Evans ladies, eavesdropped (well I did introduce myself too, haha) a conversation between Dea London, Mhairi and Caroline, did the styling challenge with Curvissa while chatting with them, talked with Excite Clothing.. and also stole a lot of candy from them ;D. There were a few stands that I didn’t go to for some reason, I’m sorry for that. Hopefully there will be more events like this so that I will get the chance :)!

We did go to the photobooth (from The Mighty Boof), OF COURSE, and it was great fun! I will include the other set once I get them scanned :)

Caroline & me <3

After the event I had a few hours wait until my train (boo, I wish I could have stayed and partied with everyone), and I hung out with Mhairi and Nelly. Thanks for keeping me company lovely ladies :)!

Train journey went quickly, since I had tons of tweets and tumblr-posts to catch up on, haha. I got home around 11:30pm, and I was KNACKERED. I did get enough sleep, but still I felt hungoverish all day today, actually still am! AND I didn’t have alcohol at all yesterday (again, booooo)! I guess I was drunk on the catwalk-adrenaline and happy memories :). Thank you again Becky and Toni for organising such a lovely event! I was happy being a part of it, and you ladies are just AMAZING!

OH! And my outfit! How did I almost forget?!? (..these were taken after the event, so my skirt is running too high on the front for some reason.. I swear it was perfect at the start of the day, haha #badfashionblogger)

Top: 18, Primark (similar) | Skirt: 20, New Look Inspire (similar on eBay) | Petticoat: XL, Domino Dollhouse (same in burgundy) | Leggings: 20, Primark | Shoes: H&M (similar) | Glasses: LensWay | Lippy: Maybelline Colorsensational 547, Pleasure Me Red


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