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Hello lovelies,

Once again I’m very sorry for my absence, especially with outfit-photos. I haven’t been feeling well, I have been crazy busy, AND the weather has been horrible – so not a good combination for outfit photos. I should be back in full force this coming week though, and I have some exciting posts coming. For example I will be doing a styling session (my blog birthday giveaway) on Monday, and can’t wait to share the results with you all :)!

So, what is this post all about then? Well, a few weeks ago this happened:

My beloved clothing rack collapsed! It was a total wake up-call, and I knew I had to do a blogsale. SOON. I cleared the stuff from the floor, and seriously couldn’t believe how the rack had served me even this long.. for example this pile is ONLY scarves:

That is just insane.. and the amount of dresses and skirts was even more insane. I think there was 50+ dresses and 40+ skirts in that rack (don’t ask me how it was possible to have them all there, I have no clue), plus these scarves.

So, I cleared stuff to my selling pile, and tried to still make the rack work without its top-bits..

(However there was way too much stuff and it collapsed two days later..)

BUT.. talking about a good timing, I was contacted by myHermes the next day asking if I wanted to be involved in a ‘Skinted to Minted’ challenge for bloggers. They offered me £25 credit to their postage services, and wanted to know how much money I could make with that. So, I set up my blogsale – over 70 items – and offered a free delivery to some people from the UK, mostly to ones who bought multiple items. And the result.. I made exactly £100 with the items that I sent to buyers using the £25 credit from myHermes. I’m very happy with this result, and I want to thank myHermes for including me in this challenge! If I count in stuff that I sent overseas and to UK buyers without using myHermes – I made almost £200 in total, woohoo :)!

And what I have done with my extra money? Obviously I HAD TO shop for a bit of new clothes ;), but the main thing is that I bought TWO new clothing racks, and now I can actually browse through my dresses and skirts without using force and energy, haha!

ps. If you want to give myHermes a try, use the discount code ‘thewardrobechallenge20‘ to get 20% off your first order!

ps2. There’s still some items left in the blogsale – make me an offer of £1-5 for any item and I’m VERY likely to accept it :)!


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