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If the Hat Fits!


Hello my lovelies,

If you happened to read my recent post on what I’d wear to Royal Ascot, then you know that as a Finnish person in the UK, I still feel that I’m out of place when it comes to formal wear and hats and fascinators. I’m feeling very intrigued by it all though, and was excited to try the new hat finder tool at Fashion World – ‘If the Hat Fits’.

The tool asks you three questions: face shape, eye colour and the occasion you need it for, and then suggests a hat for you.

I chose round face, hazel eyes and a cocktail party, and I was intrigued to see what the tool would suggest to me. And I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the result :D! The tool gives you reasoning for its choice though, and they all make sense, so next time I’ll see a hat this shape, I will definitely give it a try!

The tool is really easy to use and I love the design :)! Now go on and have a try yourself - see what hat the tool would suggest to you!

** written in association with Fashion World **


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