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Lifestyle: My dream bedroom

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Hello my lovelies,

Do you ever lay on your bed and look around you and wonder how would you live and decorate if you had the space and the money? I know I do, quite often actually!

I used to live alone for 8 years before I moved to London. This was of course back in Finland, where living with flatmates isn’t very common. I lived mostly in small studio flats, but all the decoration choices were my own. Of course for most of that time I was a student, and I couldn’t afford many nice things.. But some I did. And I left those nice black and white bookshelves, DVD towers and chest of drawers with my parents when I moved to London. Please don’t think that this post is about complaining, it’s not, I’m just telling how it was for me there. Here in London.. Well, I like my life here, and I’ve had great flatmates, but laying in my bed in this small room makes me dream about how things could be. And if I can’t have a whole flat, maybe I can just dream about what kind of bedroom I’d have if I had the space and the money :)?

When it comes to my fashion, I love block colours and adding some pattern in. Or monochrome with pops of bright colour. I’d love to paint my bedroom white, with an accent wall of black with white pattern, or an accent wall of bright colour (ah, would love lime green). I’d get a walk-in wardrobe with loads of racks for clothes and places for shoes too. Then I would buy all the shoes from Evans (Have you seen the new AW13 shoes there? Amaze!) and all the clothes from Junarose (Yes, I could easily take everything!) and fill the place with them. I’d have black and white across all the furniture and linen, and white blinds on the windows, like you can see here at Hillarys (second image). And a few photoframes on the wall and my dresser. I’d keep it stylish and roomy, which would be a total opposite of my cluttery room with too much stuff in it. But hey, a girl can always dream, right? ;)

Below are a few photos of amazing bedrooms and stunning walk-in wardrobe that have similar ideas. (Clicking them will take you to the source where I found them from.)

**written in association with Hillarys**


  1. Lauretta says: September 18, 2013 10:16 PM

    Hi I love your blog you look great – check me out on let me know if you want a complimentary ticket for Booty Camp on the 26th @ Bar Rumba xxxx

  2. brusselsfatshion says: September 21, 2013 6:26 PM

    i want that last picture in my next house !!!!!!


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